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Unsolicited Goods

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Unsolicited goods have been used in a variety of ways in an attempt for businesses to increase their market share. Not only do legitimate businesses send unsolicited goods to consumer households, but scammers will use any opportunity in an attempt to separate consumers from their money.  

Unsolicited goods are no different.  While unsolicited goods are not illegal, attempting to force collection for unsolicited good are.

Under the "unsolicited goods" statute of the Colorado Statutes, an unsolicited good means a contractual obligation or other tangible or intangible property or services delivered to a person who has not ordered, solicited, or agreed to purchase them, but shall not include tangible or intangible goods or services which are misdirected, misdelivered, or offered in good faith in substitution for goods solicited by the recipient.

What are Unsolicited Goods?

  • Goods sent to an individual's home without the individual's request or knowledge.  
  • If the individual likes the goods received, the business requests the recipient pays for the goods.
  • If you receive an unsolicited good, you have the right to refuse to accept delivery of the goods and you are not bound to return such goods to the sender. If they are addressed to you, such an unsolicited good shall be deemed a gift to you and you may use it or dispose of it in any manner you see fit without any obligation to the sender. It is illegal for the sender of an unsolicited good to attempt to bill you or collect for that unsolicited good.

If you received unsolicited goods or wish to report fraud, please file a report here