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Is Your Smartphone Secure?

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Smartphones are almost as powerful and functional as computers, and like computers, phones are also susceptible to security threats.  

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reports that mobile cybersecurity threats are increasing each year, and that is it very important for consumers to safeguard their smartphones just like they would protect their computers.  

The FCC launched the ‘Smartphone Security Checker’ to help arm consumers with security steps customized to their mobile operating systems.  

This online tool is a result of a public-private partnership between government experts, smartphone developers, and private IT and security companies. 

The Smartphone Security Check is available here.  

10 General Tips for Smartphone Security:

  • Create unique PINs and passwords. 
  • Do not alter the smartphone’s security settings. 
  • Backup and secure data often.
  • Only install apps from trusted sources.  
  • Understand app permissions and privacy settings before accepting them.
  • Install security apps that enable remote location and wiping.
  • Accept updates and patches to smartphone software.  
  • Use open Wi-Fi networks wisely.  
  • Delete data on old phones before donating, reselling, or recycling.  
  • Report stolen smartphones

For more information and resources on mobile and cybersecurity, visit The Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Homeland Security’s Stop.Think.Connect. ™ Campaign.  If you have been a victim of cyber fraud or wish to report suspicious activity, please file a report here