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Insurance Fraud

Colorado residents pay millions of dollars annually in insurance premiums.  When insurance fraud in its many varied forms occurs, those costs are passed on to Colorado citizens in the form of higher premiums and insurance costs.  The Insurance Fraud Unit has been tasked with rooting out fraud statewide.  This is accomplished through detailed investigations by our specially trained investigators.  In addition, we criminally prosecute those criminal offenses relating to insurance fraud where the crimes are committed.   

Staffed with an experienced team of fraud investigators and attorneys, the Insurance Fraud Unit independently investigates and prosecutes allegations of insurance fraud in every county of the state.  The combined expertise of these seasoned investigators and prosecutors allows the Unit to conduct thorough investigations and build strong cases.  Our staff is highly regarded statewide due to their expertise in this under-reported and under-prosecuted area of fraud. Staff of the Insurance Fraud Unit routinely share their expertise in this area and provide assistance throughout the state.  The Insurance Fraud Unit is funded exclusively through an industry assessment on insurance companies doing business in the state. The Unit also works closely with other agencies including the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), Colorado Division of Insurance, FBI, and local police departments.

In response to the growing trend of insurance fraud within the State of Colorado, the Financial Fraud Unit of the Colorado Attorney General’s Office was a strong proponent in the Colorado legislature for establishing a new crime specifically for Insurance Fraud.  Section 18-5-211, C.R.S., makes most insurance fraud a felony-level offense and applies across the board to fraud committed by insurance claimants, agents and brokers.

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