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Investment Fraud

Colorado citizens are swindled out of millions of dollars each year through various types of investment fraud.  Investment fraud takes many forms including pyramid or “Ponzi” schemes, oil and gas investment schemes, “fix-and-flip” housing scams, and others.  Investment fraud cases are handled by the Securities Fraud Unit of the Attorney General’s Office and generally involve the prosecution of individuals who solicit and receive investor money for investment schemes that are not regulated by other governmental agencies.

Our aging populations are often specifically targeted by those seeking to perpetrate investment crimes and the resulting losses to retirement funds and life savings can be catastrophic.  In addition, due to the impending explosion of baby boom generation retirements the potential for losses is ever increasing.  The Securities Fraud Unit has recently ventured into new territories including fraud related to investments in marijuana dispensaries. 

The Attorney General has been granted the authority to aggressively prosecute criminal violations relating to investments and securities fraud.  The Office of the Attorney General is recognized statewide for its expertise on securities fraud matters and works many high profile cases.  The Unit independently investigates, charges when necessary, and prosecutes investment fraud violations statewide.  The Securities Fraud Unit frequently utilizes the Statewide Grand Jury for these sophisticated and complex cases.  The Securities Fraud Unit closely collaborates with the Colorado Division of Securities and Colorado law enforcement agencies to prosecute these crimes.

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