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How We Work

The Colorado Attorney General is dedicated in protecting Colorado consumers and businesses against fraud by upholding the various laws designed to maintain a fair and competitive business environment while protecting consumers from being targets of fraud.  Whether scammers are attempting to concoct elaborate investment schemes, to bait-and switch advertising, to lender and elderly fraud, the various Criminal and Civil Units within the office are devoted to keeping Coloradans safe.     

Consumer Protection:
The Consumer Protection Unit’s primary focus is on the prevention of deception and misrepresentations in connection with the advertisement and sale of goods and services to individual and business consumers in Colorado. This is accomplished through the enforcement of the Colorado Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), the Colorado Charitable Solicitations Act, along with other consumer protection statutes. 

This includes focusing on enforcement of Colorado's No-Call List Act, mortgage-related frauds, enforcement of the Tobacco Master Settlement and related statutes, and on enforcement of state and federal antitrust laws.

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Consumer Credit:
The Consumer Credit Unit enforces several state laws relating to consumer credit and debt collection:

  • Uniform Consumer Credit Code - Information on consumer lending laws (the Uniform Consumer Credit Code), as well as the Credit Services Organization Act (credit repair), the Rental Purchase Agreement Act (rent-to-own), and the Refund Anticipation Loans Act.
  • Collection Agency Regulation - Information on the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (consumer debt collection) and the Colorado Child Support Collection Consumer Protection Act.
  • Debt Management - Information on the Uniform Debt-Management Services Act regulating credit counseling and debt settlement companies.

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Insurance Folders

Insurance Fraud Unit:
Staffed with an experienced team of fraud investigators and attorneys, the Insurance Fraud Unit independently investigates and prosecutes allegations of insurance fraud in every county of the state.  The combined expertise of these seasoned investigators and prosecutors allows the Unit to conduct thorough investigations and build strong cases.  Our staff is highly regarded statewide due to their expertise in this under-reported and under-prosecuted area of fraud. Staff of the Insurance Fraud Unit routinely share their expertise in this area and provide assistance throughout the state. 

The Insurance Fraud Unit is funded exclusively through an industry assessment on insurance companies doing business in the state. The Unit also works closely with other agencies including the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), Colorado Division of Insurance, FBI, and local police departments.

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Securities and Investment Fraud Unit:

The Securities Fraud Unit works to protect Coloradans from being swindled out their hard earned money by prosecuting those who engage in the various types of investment fraud.  From pyramid or “Ponzi” schemes, oil and gas investment schemes, “fix-and-flip” housing scams, and others, the Securities Fraud Unit generally involves the prosecution of individuals who solicit and receive investor money for investment schemes that are not regulated by other governmental agencies.  

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