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Magazine Sales & Telemarketing: Makatura and Affiliates

State of Colorado v. Raymond W. Makatura (D.O.B. 12/7/27); Robert Makatura; Lucille Makatura; Lucille Aragon; Dorothy Gonzales; Henry Aragon; Nicholas Harper; Rita Rohleder; Michael Brian Patterson; Rocky Mountain Readers Service, Inc.; Magazine/One LLC; Promo Readers Service, Inc.; Readers Choice Service Inc.; All City Circulations, Inc.; Magazine Connection, LLC; Magazine Club, LLC; Readers Source, LLC; Haragon Holdings, LLC; Haragon Holdings, Inc.; Family Publications, Inc.; Increase Publications, LLC; I.N.C. & Associates; N R And Assoc. Inc.; Neighborhood Readers and Associates; National Readers and Associates; First Premier Subscriber Services, Inc.; Crown Marketing, Inc.; Class Media, INC; H.J.H Limited Liability Company; World Wide Readers Service, Inc.

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