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Do You Know What You're Signing?

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For anything from tanning salons to cell phones to gym memberships, companies are making consumers sign contracts in order keep their business.  It’s important to review each contract before you sign it.  It’s also important to keep the agreements you sign in case an issue arises.  In some cases, if you don’t keep a copy of the contract the other party may be able to take action against you. 

There are several things to look for in each contract you’re considering.  The first is that the agreement covers everything you want and includes the agreed upon price.  Ensure that the document also states any extra work or products and the agreed upon pricing.  Verbal agreements should be put into writing.  Make sure you are not agreeing to pay for any products or services you do not want.  Read the fine print of each agreement and make sure it does not take away any rights you thought you had.

Tips for Signing a Contract:

  • Don’t Sign Blank Contracts – Signing a blank contract is a lot like signing a blank check.  It is important to make sure that the contract is completely filled out specifically including terms of the product or service and price.  It is difficult to prove a contract wasn’t filled out prior to being signed.  
  • Read Every Agreement Before Signing – It may seem tedious to read each contract you’re considering but you may save yourself from in the long run.  By reading every sales, service or work agreement before signing you can identify any extra provisions you may not agree to.
  • Verbal Agreement Caution – In general, a verbal agreement is not legally binding.  If a sales representative has made you a promise, make sure it’s written in contract before signing.

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